Another Way . . .

What does it matter if the cops who shot Breonna are prosecuted when they are only going to be found not guilty? The judicial system is RACIST and we know it. If the system works as it was designed to, white police will rarely, if ever, be convicted of killing a Black person. Zimmerman proved you don’t even have to be a cop, just white. In this country, the crime is having dark skin and THAT is a fact. So, why not focus our energy and attention on changing the system instead of expecting it to work in our favor? Now is the time to do something DIFFERENT!!!

We, Afrikan-Americans, need to open our minds to new considerations and take different actions to achieve equality. Some of what we have done in the past was ineffective or we would not be going through this madness now. How many have of us have been killed since Breonna? In the 100+ days since the protests began across the country, how many of us have been shot and/or murdered by the police, ON CAMERA? THAT is a message, my dears. (Willie Lynch would be so pleased) What else do we need to realize that the powers that be don’t give a damn about our people or protest?

There are enough of my children, smarter than past generations – with better resources, who can come up with a different way because there is ALWAYS . . . ANOTHER WAY.

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