Yejide (Yeh-Gee-Day) S. N. Travis

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My Dream . . .

Nyleve’s Haven is an LGBTQ affirming residential environment for up to 12 young women between the ages of 18 and 25 which offers a homeless young woman a key and access to the resources of home, such as healthy daily meals, laundry facilities, cleaning supplies and the protection of a conscious family unit, headed by a Spiritually conscious Servant Mother.
Daughters enter an agreement with me, the Servant Behind Nyleve’s Haven, which includes that upon graduation, she will present a copy of her degree for permanent display at The Haven. My dream is to wallpaper a mansion in Old Louisville with college degrees.
The goal of The Haven is to provide a healthy, secure, and empowering home for young women, in critical need, to receive familial support, complete a college education, and/or start a business and gain self-sufficiency. The Haven uses the tools of Consciousness, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Technology to empower young women to self-sufficiency.
Full implementation of this component will create three full-time administrative positions.