Yejide (Yeh-Gee-Day) S. N. Travis

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Nyleve’s Haven – Components

There are seven service components consciously designed to support a paradigm shift for transitioning women from charitable dependency to personal independence.
The Personal Peace Process
The component’s goal is to provide life coaching assistance to address my daughter’s specific personal projects or general conditions in life.
The Personal Peace Process is a six-step process that can be used in every area of life to promote personal peace. The PPProcess focuses on an individual’s level of consciousness and state of being as they navigate their life. Through conversations, tools and exercises daughters call forth and practice the awareness of how they are being in life and evolve into the beingness that they choose. The Personal Peace Process Steps are:
Be Still
Be Conscious
Be Honest
Be Kind
Be Responsible
Be Willing to Serve
Peace Process
Entrepreneurial & Professional Technology Center
(Giving Birth to Our Future)
The goal of this component is entrepreneurial and professional independence.
A state of the art computer center with high-speed internet access is the essence of this component. MDF, Inc. is committed to bringing cutting-edge equipment; exceptional computer training; quality professional software and extensive exposure to the varied opportunities available in the field of technology to female spirits. Professionals from all areas of expertise in the field of technology will be recruited to mentor. The EPT Center will encourage and empower daughters to be not only savvy users of technology but creators and designers of emerging technology.
EPT Center
Haven Creation Room Experience
The goal of this component is to create and maintain an environment that stimulates, supports, and nurtures the creative intelligence of the female Spirit.
The Haven Creation Room Experience will provide entrepreneurial opportunities and generate a revenue stream for residents and Nyleve’s Haven. Initial funding is to purchase raw materials and start-up inventory and stock. Within the Creation Room there will be equipment and supplies to create and produce the following: Pillows Buttons Jewelry Incense Candles Magnets T-Shirts NotePads Key Chains Oil Burners Fragrance Oils Meditation Stones
Creation Room
Haven Home-school Environment
The goal of this component is to provide a holistic child-centered educational space.
Based on the Montessori model of education which is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. There is limited screen time in this space. This space, along with all of The Haven environment, is designated a violence-free, no-hit zone.
This component will create one full-time professional position.
Haven Homeschool
ACE Rites Of Passage Experience
(ACE-ROPE: Empowering Spiritually Conscious, Culturally Committed Female Spirits)
The goal of this component is to provide opportunities for young women, 7 – 18, to prepare to become responsible, thinking, caring, self-sufficient women who have a healthy respect for themselves, their family and community.
The ACE-ROPE is an agreed-upon set of guidelines, activities, tasks, and trials that minor daughters must successfully master in order to bring them into mature, responsible ways of thinking and behaving. Upon completion of the program minor-aged daughters will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of Spiritual well being; Demonstrate internal reasons for delaying sexual activity; Encourage, support and assist fellow female spirits in the life process; Demonstrate both personal and collective community pride; Demonstrate peaceful conflict management skills; Demonstrate strategies for successful money and time management; Demonstrate a commitment to servant-leadership; Demonstrate an understanding of and seek self-sufficiency; Appreciate the intrinsic value of higher education.
Braid & Natural Hair Center
The goal of this component is to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to generate revenue streams for and provide desired services to residents and the community in a comfortable and professional setting.
Professional Training Kitchen
The goal of this component is to provide hard and soft skills training in food handler safety; to introduce entrepreneurial opportunities and prepare interested residents for the Kentucky Food Handler Training & Manager Certification exams.
The intent of Nyleve’s Haven Female Empowerment Community (The Haven) is to:
Remove the desperation of poverty from a daughter’s life;
Provide creative opportunities for her to advance and succeed in life;
Reduce the likelihood of her qualifying for government assistance.

Nyleve’s Haven . . .
The goal of The Haven is to provide a healthy, secure, and empowering home for young women, in critical need, to receive familial support, complete a college education, and/or start a business and gain self-sufficiency.