From my Scripture . . . Written in my own hand

4:41 am This city is in a state of emergency, the local, state, and federal police are on patrol in the city, with detain or terminate authority, and I and ALL my children are the perceived threat to be neutralized. That fact is terrifying. Knowing the history of this country and my people in it, I am just as likely to be shot dead sitting on my front porch as my sons, wearing a hoodie while walking down the street. I don’t have to go downtown to die at the hands of the police, and neither does my son. He can be walking out of this house, in a few minutes, headed to work and be killed.

Because ALL black men are a threat and not to be seen on the street, in the minds of some of those armed officers. Attica & Shameka are sitting in jail – RIGHT DAMN NOW!! I am them, I see them as my sister-daughters in service, fellow activist -ACTIVE-on the ground for the betterment of my people. And they are in jail, for exercising the right of EVERY American – to assemble and peacefully protest. Even if, they could have been in technical violation of an emergency order, they were standing on church grounds!!!!!! The church is exempt from the government’s foolishness.

I don’t have to know the details . . . don’t need to hear the story . . . What I am willing to put my reputation on is . . . neither Attica nor Shameka were breaking any law, or acting in any manner that would normally warrant arrest. AND NO ONE will ever convince me otherwise. I won’t hear it, won’t even listen to the notion. Simply: They are ethical women. Disagree and say it to my face, I dare anyone!!!! They are leaders, on a mission, which is the real reason they are in jail. They are working too hard to CHANGE THE LAWS. And make them work for everyone. DAMN, I am getting madder and madder!!! And I can’t take a walk!!!

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