I feel so guilty about what is going on in my community, with my children. They are angry because they are NOT being heard or respected, due only to the color of their skin. My generation failed them. They DO NOT have what I was given, in part because I did not do what I could to offer it to them. I had a large group of committed adults standing and speaking truth to power on behalf of the voiceless while showing the next generation how to speak for themselves.

My mother Evelyn T. Travis, Mattie Jones, Rev. Louis Coleman, Raoul Cunningham, Anne Braden, Carla Wallace and so many others personally trained me to stand and advocate for civil rights. I DID NOT do as I was taught. I did not do what Shameka L. Parrish-Wright is doing right now, teaching the next generation to stand for our people. I regret my arrogance and complacency. I WIll spend the rest of the time given to me on this earth, making amends. Don’t be surprised where you find me, in service. Join in and help me or leave me in peace is my only request.

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