June 1, 2020

I am not ok. As a proud Black Mother and Grandmother my throat is raw from praying for my innocent sons and grandsons. I love so many Black men and KNOW they are in danger, just for being. I know there is a hedge of protection around me and as long as my children are in my presence, they are safe. But they can’t live their lives in my presence, under my gaze and so I pray. But the anger is turning to rage under my skin. Every time I see a police car pass this porch I want to¬†SCREAM, “get out of my neighborhood, and leave my children alone.” I don’t feel protected, only terrorized. I am a Race Woman, trained by the best. Highlander Education Center is one of my homes. The development years of my life were spent on the ground, marching, and working with the NAACP; I have been trained for peaceful civil disobedience, I know how to fight for my people, peacefully. What is going on right now is a distraction and I am pissed about it. As long as a small group of terrorists, passing as activists, continue to deflect attention away from the real issue we will continue to beg for what is rightfully ours.

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