Prejudice + Social Power + Legal and/or Medical Authority = Racism

Today, I was disrespected and belittled by a physician at the University of Louisville Neurology Practice. I have never been blatantly mistreated in such a manner, directly to my face. Seriously, most people, even those who do not like me, respect me because I treat humans with respect. The man spoke to me as though I did not understand English. He made up a memory issue for me after five minutes of conversation. The man then talked across me to speak directly to my daughter, about me!!! He actually asked me if I could read his cursive handwriting and told me to read his note back to him!!!

He was surprised that I could read cursive?
He did it the exact same way I asked my daughter to read things back to me as I was teaching her to read – years ago when I homeschooled her. He was sincerely shocked when I identified his script as a classic hand and complimented him on it, instead of cursing him out. He was insulting and highly offensive. My brain is misfiring due to an accidental fall, there is NOTHING wrong with my mind. I resent being treated as though I have dementia.
How any physician thinks it is acceptable to speak to anyone that way is beyond me. He was belittling and demeaning towards me. He even said, “. . . because we are doctors.” The student doctor in the room used the word, “We” regarding the medicine I am taking and really pissed me off. We are not a team!!! Team members win or lose together. The only one suffering the consequences of the prescriptions being written is me.
I am glad that I have matured. He should be also. A less mature and seasoned me would have told him exactly what was on my mind. Which was without the profanity, that he lacked the power and intelligence to speak to me the way he did without penalty. He really is going to pay for his underestimating me. Soon. A physician who does not listen is only a human who went to medical school. That he was merely practicing medicine and not very good at it.  I know why he was treating me the way he did.
The walk to the room he met in said it all. I entered the practice on the new side with the beautiful decor and furnishings. The country mile walk to the old side of the practice with the dirty carpet said all that needed to be said. That walk to the colored section told me that my Medicaid insurance made me unworthy of his respect. What he did not know, I am an NAACP kind of colored person.
Also, I have been on the private insurance side of life and know how I would have been treated and respected had I not been impoverished. I know that Blue Cross or Anthem insurance on my chart would have made him not only listen to but respect me. If I had the time, I would make him regret crossing me. I am going to put that energy into finding the neurologist who will listen and help me.
It is scary and sad that in 2022, a physician really believes that I need no information about something going on in my body, in my brain, due to his perception of those with my skin color. He honestly believes that I am unworthy of better care, medically, due to a category on a form. He has increased my medication to dangerous levels, for me. He does not know what is actually going on with me other than “You are having seizures.” He has no intent to find out and inform me.  His old-school arrogance combined with his new-school ignorance is a threat to my health and safety.
Repeatedly I am being told to “calm down” and reminded that being stressed is one of my triggers.
Basic Human Fact: