Pay WE!!!!!

History is happening, right now. As a lifelong Race woman and community Servant Mother, who uses cannabis for medicinal purposes, I have some thoughts and want a voice in the matters that be. I feel that reparations are in order and one should be marijuana reform. As Harry J. Anslinger, the founder of the anti-cannabis movement which our current laws are based on, was a racist and WE know it, make marijuana legal as a reparation. He said: “Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage.” Expunge the records of We who have been charged and release ALL WE who are incarcerated on Marijuana charges.

WE know and you, White America, need to admit that The War on Drugs was a war on People of Color. Stop allowing the 20-year prison sentences of Black men for the possession of less than a gram of cannabis. The 1937 Laguardia Report and The 1971 Shafer Report verify that the reported dangers of marijuana are unfounded and false. Legalize it and give WE special accommodation at the starting of cannabis businesses and dispensaries. As a Black woman in America, I feel entitled to legally smoke weed because I MUST deal with racist white folks and remain civil in order to continue living.

Cannabis is also the safest and most effective medicine available to control and stop my seizures. It is nonaddictive. There is NO danger to my health or society, if I decide NOT to use cannabis as it is with prescribed, expensive, and ineffective drugs. Also, if I take the prescribed medication I am eligible for full disability. This means that taxpayers WILL take FULL care of me with rent, food, and a check. I am an impoverished servant with aristocratic sensibilities – my daughters call me bougie – and I know how to work the system, so I will be a neighbor in areas poor Black folks are not expected, I see you Prospect, eating premium seafood and prime cuts of steak that I purchased using a food stamp card. Or, I can use cannabis and take care of myself and a few other people, as I teach them to take care of themselves so taxpayers won’t need to. Marijuana reform must be a part of any fair consideration for African Americans because of how it has been used against WE for years.

If you can kill my sons and daughters as a matter of habit because they are Black, then give them favor in apology or stop saying you are sorry.

Some other laws need to change, not sure which ones right now but just as Jim Crowe laws were used to keep us down, it is time now for some to be written giving us favor. Simply because WE are Black, African American, Negro People – because WE Matter. To the Powers That Be, I say: If you can kill my sons and daughters as a matter of habit because they are Black, then give them favor in apology or stop saying you are sorry. I admit I have not done the research I need to do to decide and determine which laws need to be stricken and what needs to be written. Give me a minute, let me study, I excel in the academy and research is one of my superpowers. Education is a most powerful tool for not only information but transformation. 

Your Debt is DUE. PAY WE!!!!

Right now, I agree – with condition – with BET Founder, Mr. Robert Johnson, and say: PAY WE!!!! We, who built your country and took your shit for 244 years, Pay WE!!!. Servants are worthy of their hire, so your Bible says. Luke 10:7 KJV In the past, you, White America, have stood on words written there to enslave WE, stand on it now to Free WE, for REAL. Pay WE!!! WE, African Americans. WE, Black People. A daughter suggested that all student loan debt for WE, be wiped out. Sounds good, I need to see if I can build an argument for it. Let me go get my research on and see what I come up with. I KNOW Dr. Ricky Jones has an intelligent, well-reasoned word on this matter, let me go find it.

I L❤VE seeking knowledge!!! It is NEVER a waste of time or energy. Oh, my condition for agreement with Robert Johnson: I am not demanding reparations for slavery but for the legal and discriminatory treatment of WE, My Black People since WE arrived on these shores. No matter how we got here, you, White America, have been either inhumane or oblivious. Current events are forcing you to see our humanity and become conscious of and deal with what you, White America, have created. Pay WE!!! for the bodies that you once picnicked around and took pictures with on hot summer days as WE hung from trees and those who you now leave on urban streets for hours in the hot sun. Willie Lynch would be so proud. Free WE!!! Make Reparations. Pay WE!!!

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