Pearls Before Swine . . .

What I saw on Saturday in Downtown Louisville: Confirmation. WE, a melanin-blessed portion of The People, came to the seat of power to protest in response to our pain. WE protest because the police, whom we pay, killed one of our daughters . . . in her home. She was . . . a pubic servant – an essential worker . . . resting. In response to our protest, The Powers That Be (TPTB) armed for an attack that WE never planned to execute. They shot and killed one of our men and left him on the ground, in the sun, deceased, for 1/2 a day. They (TPTB) broke the protocol THEY wrote and made his mother identify him on the street, in the blazing sun. He was . . . a community servant . . . working.  

TPTB declared a State of Emergency and closed their ranks, in preparation to speak their truth: Black Lives Matter . . . to Black People. We don’t care about your people, your pain, or your protest.

In fear and OVER reaction to the story they made up about us, The Powers That Be boarded up their buildings, drove in tanks and armored cars, put up concrete barriers, closed streets. They created barriers to limit access to their property, called in additional armed forces, and implemented a curfew. They publically announced their truth: No charges. WE, a portion of The People, did not react as expected. When and where they couldn’t get a fight out of us, they created them. The police blocked and pushed into peaceful protesters and even disregarded the sanctity of the Church, a place where they have NO true authority. They arrested and incarcerated our elected representative and a public servant in an unhealthy and toxic environment and made them pay to be released. They will never say they are sorry because they are not. They are doing their jobs. Their prime directive is to maintain the status quo. And that status is racist in its conception and administration. The only way to correct it is to first admit to the truth and depth of systemic racism.

WE, the melanin-blessed portion of The People, need to stop casting our pearls before swine. They (TPTB) don’t care. They have said it, shown it, and proved it. We protest law enforcement’s killing of Breonna, they shoot and kill Mr. McAtee. When anyone shows you who they are and what they are about, BELIEVE them. Let us retreat, in silence, and come up with something, anything, DIFFERENT. Let us focus our time, talent, and treasure on creation . . . not retribution. Bump burning buildings and destroying property, let’s go build our own. 

Hard Facts . . .

These are hard facts we must face: It is not against the law to kill Black people in this country. Black people are still considered to be 3/5 human and the laws of this country are based on that construct. When they said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal . . . ” We, Black People, were NOT included in the discussion. The way WE have been treated for the past four hundred years in this country proves that. WE need to start facing the truth: They ended the sale of humans but did NOT free the humans. They simply changed the process of enslavement. One of the chains that now hold us in bondage is poverty, so let’s focus on creating generational wealth.

Stop casting your pearls before swine!! Externally, move the memorial and your energy away from uncaring spaces and unkind places. Move it to a place of solid earth . . . a place where her memory and our pain will be respected and not casually swept away when we turn our backs. Move our movement and energy to a place it can live and continue to grow. I suggest the labyrinth that I helped to create at Spalding University on 4th Street. It is an elevated space and I have already personally blessed that ground for the empowerment and education of my children. Spalding is a compassionate and caring space in the city. The people there REALLY do care about our pain, protest, and people. Spalding’s faculty and staff stand with us and would never allow anything placed in Breonna’s honor to be disrespected.

Internally . . .

Internally, WE need to retreat, regroup, rethink our purpose, and reemerge with a new plan of action. We need to review our history, consult the elders, listen to the youth, and then support them as they create a new reality for us to live free and safe. It is time to imagine something new then declare what we plan to do by being busy DOING it. Tell The Powers That Be: “if you are not helping, leave us as you found us, in peace. We are working diligently to create our vision and will waste no time explaining ourselves to you. Any help you give must be freely volunteered. The only thing we want from you is money and land. We are not going to beg for it. You know what is due to us . . . PAY WE!!! Then leave us alone. In peace. The truth is, we are, by nature, a peaceful people or you would already be dead and long gone. We fed you and your children, we could have ended you generations ago. To this day . . . we know more about you than you do about us. Remember that and leave us in peace.”

Now, we know we are capable of creating our own nation because we created yours by implementing the plans you had for YOUR America. We, Black Women, helped you to get off the planet. We are not leaving, but since we have shown you the door, you can take your rockets and GO. Considering that we all stuck on the same ball, personally, I say: Damn integration, create our own and let others come assimilate into our culture instead of appropriating it. 

My People . . .

Imagine what we could do if we focused on separation and creation rather than integration and assimilation. This time . . . make the revolution SILENT. Stop announcing what we are going to do and giving a warning. Silently, respectfully, purposefully, pack up the memorial, move to a new location, place her memory, and our energy where it will be honored, respected, and protected.

What I know to be a fact, Tori McClure, the President of Spalding University sincerely cares about our people and our struggle. She is a woman of integrity. If she says yes to our request, she won’t later turn on us. Yes, from her, will be a reflection of her compassion and commitment to equality and not just a press op. The institution’s history regarding race matters makes it a safe place for all my children, especially my daughters. Breonna’s memory will be safe there. It is NOT on 6th and Jefferson. The spot is not worthy of any of your energy unless you are being paid to be there. I mean that for the entire area the City officials have blocked off and secured. I have two other places in mind if Spalding is not an option.

To the individual who signed the order and the system that placed those barriers, I say: “Fuck you, your perimeters and your military tactics. You are pathetic wimps hiding behind armed officers to protect yourself from my children. From a tax-paying citizen of this city . . ., stop wasting my money.” 

To my children: If you do nothing else I suggest, if you listen to no other word I utter, Hear and Heed THESE words: STOP casting your pearls before SWINE!!! Decide to Be, Do and Have. . . . Different . . . Better.

I Expect Great Things of You.

Your Servant Mother, Yejide

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