What now, fam?

Let’s talk about messed up . . . 

Dawhytpepo murder a melanin-blessed servant daughter, in her home. 

WE, her family, peacefully protest. 

Dawhytpepo declares martial law and murder a melanin-blessed servant father, at his business.

We, his family, peacefully protest.

Dawhytpepo hide behind one of our sorry sellouts to announce: “The system is functioning as expected, no corrections necessary, proceed as usual.” 

We, his family, peacefully protest.  

Dawhytpepo declare a curfew and incarcerate our community servant & duly elected representative. That is just so messy . . . and so very messed up!!

So .  . . what now fam?

If your response is in any way destructive or violent, I am NOT listening. Seeking only peaceful considerations on this thought stream. Personally, I suggest creation rather than reaction.

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